Scale Your Business with a Medical Billing White Label Solution

Health tech companies use Gentem’s medical billing white label solution to expand market share without expanding resources.

We partner with EHRs and PM systems to provide an integrated, end-to-end revenue cycle service that grows customer adoption and gives clinicians an easier road to reimbursement.

Our EHR partners:

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Keep Up With Market Demands

Gentem’s insurance billing integration gives your customers an end-to-end revenue cycle solution that helps you compete in a crowded health tech marketplace.

Keep up with market demands
Ease your team's workload

Ease Your Team's Workload

With a Gentem medical billing white label solution, your team won’t have to handle complex billing questions and tedious insurance tasks. Leave the claims and payer process to us.

Provide a Better Medical Billing Experience

Gentem’s claim automation and end-to-end revenue cycle management means your customers will save time on billing and see faster payments from insurance companies.

Provide a better billing experience

See how a Gentem medical billing white label solution will help your platform stand out in a crowded EHR marketplace.