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Grow your obstetrician and gynecologist clinic by increasing revenue and modernizing the medical billing experience. The Gentem platform will help you get paid more, faster.

Medical billing in the United States is at least 10 years overdue for a transformative change. We believe Gentem is the organization that will modernize medical billing in this country.

Ken Winters
Practice manager, Bay Area Gynecology Oncology

Tech-Enabled Medical Billing Services for OB/GYN Practices

Improve cash flow for your OB/GYN practice while reducing account receivable days. Gentem uses automation, data science and the latest financial technology to increase your practice’s revenue.

Efficient Revenue Cycles for Obstetrician Offices

On average, OB/GYN clinics like yours see a 20% increase in monthly revenue after switching to Gentem for end-to-end billing services. This makes it easier for you to upgrade equipment and provide the best care possible.

Compatible With Your Existing EHR/PM System

OB/GYN clinics like yours use Gentem to improve the accuracy of their existing EHR/PM systems. Gentem help map highly complex claims so that they are billed correctly – regardless of payer or type of treatment.

OB Billing Cheat Sheet

  • Vaginal delivery only (59409)
  • C-section delivery only (59514)
  • Postpartum care only (59430)
  • For multiple deliveries, apply the appropriate delivery code as well as modifier 22. Documentation will be needed for each delivery to support the delivery type.
  • Postpartum care begins after the patient is discharged from the hospital and extends to 56 days of a vaginal delivery or 90 days for a c-section delivery.
  • All pregnancy-related visits (excluding inpatient hospital visits for complications of pregnancy) should be billed under the global OB code. Individual E/M codes should NOT be billed to report pregnancy-related E/M visits.

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Learn How to Grow Your OB/GYN Practice

What Can Gentem Do For Your OG/BYN Practice?

  • Understand how much money you are losing and how to stop this
  • Save time and reduce the administrative burden
  • Use automated workflows and notifications
  • Real-time performance analytics
  • Medical coding services
  • Clean claim submissions to minimize denials and appeals
  • Get Paid More. Faster.

    Grow your revenue while improving the patient experience. Gentem helps you optimize your organization’s revenue cycle, so you can spend less time on medical billing and more time on patient care. Each Gentem customer gets access to our AI-powered platform but features vary by package. 

    Gentem Boost

    • Reduce time spent on eligibility checks with instant and reliable benefits verification
    • Increase patient payments by sending patient responsibility estimates via text or email
    • Understand eligibility results in seconds with an easy-to-use platform

    Gentem Optimize

    • Gain transparency with your claims process with real-time analytics
    • Improve staff efficiency with automated and customizable workflows
    • Stop revenue leakage with AI-powered tools that identify denial sources and patterns

    Gentem Turbocharge

    • Improve your claim reimbursements with our team of medical coding professionals
    • Get end-to-end RCM support from our in-house experts and dedicated account manager
    • Minimize workflow disruptions by integrating Gentem with your existing EHR/PM system

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