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Gentem reduced our accounts receivable from an average of 90 days down to 20 as well as dramatically increased our revenue.
Dr. Khaled Bowarshi, MD
Florida TMS Clinic

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Behavioral Health
Surgical Specialties
Pain Management
Vein Clinics

Complete Visibility.

Nothing falls through the cracks. Our platform serves as a single source of truth to understand your billing operations and monitor your core metrics so you’re always on top of your revenue.

Predictable cash flow. Low AR days.

We support the imperative need for cash flow and capital to fuel sustainable growth. Get access to working capital while Gentem submits, scrubs, and pursues your claims

A team that will fight for every penny.

Our specialty-focused experts empowered by cutting edge technology are dedicated to maximizing your collections.

Coding & Compliance

Denial Management


Coding services and compliance audits

Technology-enabled denial management

Underpayment analysis and recovery

Eliminate your medical billing headaches today.