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Automated RCM Technology for Healthcare

Gentem’s AI-powered, automated revenue cycle technology helps health tech companies scale their platform without additional headcount and resources.

This autopilot revenue solution creates a zero-touch reimbursement process that eliminates insurance workload for your team while improving your customers’ experience.
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With autopilot revenue technology, you’ll grow your business while giving providers an easier road to reimbursement.

Autopilot revenue
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Build Value and Improve Customer Retention

Gentem’s automated revenue cycle technology helps your customers spend less time on billing and see faster reimbursement from insurance companies.

Reduce Insurance Workload for Your Team

Leave the claims and payer process to us. Using our RCM solution means your team won’t have to handle tedious insurance tasks and complex billing questions.

Ease your team's workload
Keep up with market demands

Scale with the Resources
You Have

Improve and grow your platform without adding headcount. Gentem’s autopilot revenue software will allow you to scale your business with a more robust, all-in-one practice management solution.

What Is Revenue Cycle Automation?

Learn about the different types of automated RCM technology and use cases for automation in today’s revenue cycle process.

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What Can Automated RCM Technology Do for Your Business?

  • Eliminate time spent on payer and clearinghouse tasks
  • Improve your existing RCM technology
  • Enhance customer experience and retention 
  • Streamline tedious patient billing 
  • Strengthen your brand’s position in the marketplace
  • Help customers avoid high costs
  • Expand customer value

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