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The Gentem team is on a mission to help private practices run thriving businesses and remain independent.

Here's our story.

Fixing a Broken Reimbursement System

Every year, an increasing number of healthcare practices struggle with administrative complexities, reimbursements, and cash flow needed to run viable practices. Revenues have dropped and costs have risen, leading to an unprecedented decline in privately-owned practices.

Fisayo Ositelu, M.D., a Stanford-educated physician and Emmanuel Akintayo,  a former Facebook software engineer, founded the company in 2019 to address a growing crisis in healthcare — the increasing difficulty of doctors to run financially-viable medical practices due to administrative costs and poor cash flow.

Gentem transforms the reimbursement experience by not only handling the end-to-end billing and revenue cycle processes, but also reimbursing physicians upfront. Leveraging automation, data science, and the latest financial technologies, Gentem is able to increase cash flow while drastically reducing account receivable days and uncovering opportunities to increase revenue.

The Revival of Medical Practices

“Gentem” is the Latin word for “revival.” Fisayo and Manny are on a mission to revive private healthcare practices. 

Our mission is to help healthcare providers build thriving organizations by simplifying the reimbursement process and elevating the patient financial experience.

A growing team of physicians and engineers from

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