Co-Founder/Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Manny earned his Bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering and his Master’s degree in quality and manufacturing management from Penn State University. After completing his education, Manny launched his career as an operations and systems engineer at QBC Diagnostics.

Over the last decade, Manny has held analyst and software engineer roles at JP Morgan Chase & Co, Accenture and OfferUp. With his experience in the mobile consumer-to-consumer (C2C) space, he joined Facebook in 2018 to help develop the emerging Facebook Marketplace platform.

In 2019, Manny left Facebook to join forces with Gentem Co-Founder/CEO Fisayo Ositelu, MD. Fisayo had been searching for a co-founder with engineering expertise and entrepreneurial drive — Manny was the perfect fit.

Fisayo and Manny are on a mission to help independent physicians build thriving organizations by simplifying the reimbursement process and elevating the patient’s financial experience.