Gentem Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Gentem Overview

Gentem is a best-in-class revenue cycle management (RCM) and medical billing solution

We offer:

Gentem is the Latin word for “revival.” We’re on a mission to revive private medical practices and help them build thriving organizations by simplifying the reimbursement process and elevating the patient financial experience.

Billing and Payments

Gentem customers can auto-pay pay invoices with a credit card or through Plaid (direct withdrawal from your bank account). Your Gentem team will work with you to set this up or answer any questions you may have.

If you received a bill via text or email, you can pay it by clicking the green Pay button on the bill.

If you received a paper bill, you can pay it by scanning the QR code with your smartphone’s camera. You can also pay via the URL next to the QR code — type this link into your desktop or mobile browser to reach the payment site.

Because Gentem is not your medical provider, we cannot answer questions about bills from your doctor’s office. Please contact your doctor’s office directly with any questions about your bill.

Gentem Pricing and Packages

Gentem charges a percentage of total collections* and a small platform fee. The percentage of total collections varies based on your practice size and specialty.  For more information about our RCM/medical billing software prices and packages, please contact our sales team

*Certain states do not allow companies like Gentem to charge a percentage of collections. In these states, Gentem charges a flat fee per claim.

Gentem Features and Billing Process

Aside from our team of billing and revenue cycle experts, Gentem’s software includes these key features:

  • Automated claim edits and scrubbing – Gentem’s AI-powered technology uses automatic claim editing/scrubbing rules that save manual time while reducing rejections and denials. We also have a team of certified professional coders (CPCs) who can back up these automated processes.
  • User-friendly analytics with metrics that matter most to practices – The Gentem dashboard provides accurate, real-time analytics that help practices stay on track with important revenue cycle metrics. The dashboard is easy to understand; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to find the reports you need and get the financial pulse of your practice.
  • Patient billing automationIncrease payment conversions and reduce administrative work with customizable patient billing workflows. Set automated statements and reminders based on specific patient or billing criteria.
  • Automated RCM Technology (white label) – AI-powered, automated revenue cycle technology helps health tech companies and EHRs scale their platform without additional headcount and resources. This autopilot revenue solution creates a zero-touch reimbursement process that eliminates insurance workload for your team while improving your customers’ experience.

Yes, our coders are certified professional coders (CPC certified).

Once you provide all medical documentation, we submit claims within two business days. We strive for one business day when possible. We submit claims on a rolling basis throughout each business day.

Yes, we appeal denials at the service line level and claim level.

We review each denied claim to ensure that it should have been reimbursed based on medical documentation and payer guidelines. If we determine the payer should have reimbursed the claim, we submit appeals via payer-specific appeal channels. We will reach out to the provider if we need additional documentation for the appeal.

If we see a pattern of denials, then we will provide you with coding and documentation guidance to reduce denials moving forward.

If we identify a trend of rejections, we will update our scrubbers and edit policies. We will also update your practice’s playbook and focus staff on specific payers and codes as needed.

Gentem sends patient statements through email, text and letter (paper) format. We’ll work with you to customize the statement content and sending frequency/cadence. Patients can pay via text and email. We also include a QR code and payment link on paper statements.

Note: Based on your EHR integration, you may continue sending patient statements with your EHR and not Gentem. 

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Medical Billing

Unlike EHR or PM systems, Gentem has one focus: Helping your practice get paid on time and in full. We don’t spread resources across a variety of practice management tools. Instead, we put all of our efforts into maximizing your reimbursements.

With a Gentem partnership, you won’t have to worry about your RCM. While EHRs typically handle only a portion of RCM, we take it all on for you.

Gentem’s billing software is also designed by physicians and backed by a team of revenue cycle experts.

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You don’t need a billing team to use Gentem — we can handle your billing process for you. If you do have a billing team, Gentem works in partnership with them to optimize workflows and grow your business. While Gentem can reduce the need to hire additional headcount, our goal isn’t to replace your existing team.

The benefits of outsourcing revenue cycle management with Gentem include:

  • Increased revenue – With fewer denials and rejections, Gentem customers see more successful reimbursements from insurance companies. 
  • Saved time – By offloading insurance work to our team, practices that switch to Gentem get time back to focus on what matters most to their practice. 
  • Faster payment – Practices typically see faster reimbursement from insurance companies thanks to Gentem’s automated and streamlined claim process.

Gentem’s team of revenue cycle experts will improve your revenue cycle management process by finding and fixing revenue gaps and identifying opportunities to maximize your reimbursements. We’ll also use proprietary AI technology to create efficient, accurate billing workflows that reduce claim rejections and denials and increase patient collections.

Gentem Support

Gentem is a fully remote, US-based company. We do not have a physical office location. If you need a mailing address, please contact us.

Please contact your account manager directly. If you are unsure who your account manager is, please email

If you’d like to speak with a member of our sales team, email

If you’re an existing Gentem customer with a support question, please contact your customer success or account manager. You can also email

Not sure who you need to contact? Email us at

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