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Powerful Billing Platform Helps Health Practice Expand Treatment Options

The Anxiety Center offers complete, integrated behavioral health therapies for its patients. They need a platform that allows them to accurately and efficiently bill insurance for a range of treatment options — without taking time away from important patient care. 

Gentem has given our clinicians the ability to focus on what's important: providing patient-centered, high-quality care.

Nathan Fite, PhD
Founder, The Anxiety Center

Company Overview

Nathan Fite PhD
Nathan Fite, PhD
Owner & Director
The Anxiety Center

About The Anxiety Center

The Anxiety Center is an integrated behavioral health practice that aims to provide greater access to evidence-based psychiatric treatment. Nathan Fite, PhD founded the Center in 2020. 

The Anxiety Center is based in Cincinnati and will soon be opening a second location in Indianapolis. Dr. Fite’s team cares for children, adolescents and adults across the Midwest. Each patient works with a care team to create a customized treatment plan that fits their needs. Patients have access to a full range of therapies, including psychiatric services, medication management, TMS and ketamine infusion. 

“Our vision is to make available effective solutions for the most pressing mental health concerns to anyone who needs them,” Dr. Fite says. “We are on a journey to create an integrated model of behavioral supports that will increase continuity of care with the goal of transforming the lives of every individual that walks through our doors.”

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New Treatment Offerings Create a Need for Efficient, Effective Billing

The Anxiety Center began as a fee-for-service psychology practice. But over time, Dr. Fite and his practice colleagues realized Cincinnati had a larger need for integrated psychiatric care. With that in mind, The Anxiety Center team added medication management and neuromodulation (TMS therapy and ketamine) to its treatment offerings. Ultimately, the additional treatments allowed The Anxiety Center to provide more comprehensive care for its patients. 

With this treatment expansion, The Anxiety Center needed to start taking insurance. But as a fee-for-service practice, taking insurance also meant they needed to find a new billing platform. 

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After consulting with Gentem, Dr. Fite learned he could increase his monthly revenue and cash flows. By making some operational changes, The Anxiety Center would increase reimbursements and shorten its average A/R.

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Example dashboard (not specific to The Anxiety Center)

Finding an Experienced and Responsive Partner

The Anxiety Center needed billing software that allowed them to verify and process insurance efficiently. What’s more, Dr. Fite didn’t want to add an administrative burden to the Center’s providers, whose primary goal is to provide comprehensive, compassionate care to patients. 

While vetting different platforms, Dr. Fite looked for:

  • Strong knowledge of the billing and revenue cycle process, especially around behavioral health treatments and coding
  • Robust analytics and easy access to his practice’s financial insights
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Reasonable price point
After consulting with Gentem, he learned he could boost his monthly revenue and cash flows. By making some operational changes The Anxiety Center would increase reimbursements and shorten its average A/R.

A Platform that Fuels Growth and Efficiency

With Gentem, Dr. Fite found everything he needed in a billing platform — and a partnership that helps his practice and patients thrive.

“After investigating several billing service providers, we were most impressed by the knowledge and customer service standards Gentem provided,” Dr. Fite says. “They make it easy to get insight into finances and provide seamless communication, giving me confidence in their work.” 

The Anxiety Center implemented Gentem in March 2021 and quickly established an efficient billing system. Since starting the partnership, Gentem has worked closely with The Anxiety Center to maintain and improve billing processes as the practice adds new treatments like ketamine infusions. In March 2022, the Center also began using Gentem for credentialing.

“The Gentem team has adapted and kept our billing processes up to par,” Dr. Fite adds. “We have  a great working relationship and Gentem has stepped up every time we have a need.”

Expanded Services, Treatments and Locations

Dr. Fite acknowledges that he had reservations about starting a private practice — namely, the time-consuming administrative tasks like billing, credentialing and revenue cycle management. His goal at The Anxiety Center is to change lives, not spend hours bogged down in finances. 

With a Gentem partnership, The Anxiety Center has expanded services and treatments, helping the practice grow and provide care to more patients. The Center will soon open a second office in Indianapolis and has its sights set on other locations in the future.

“Gentem has taken on the administrative burden that made me reticent to go into private practice,” Dr. Fite says. “They have given our clinicians the ability to focus on what’s most important: providing patient-centered, high-quality care.”

See how Gentem will help you boost your revenue and optimize your billing process

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