System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Certification and Report

Learn how Gentem Health secures customer data with SOC 2 audits and certification.

What Is SOC 2?

A SOC 2 audit examines an organization’s protocols relevant to security, availability, processing, privacy, confidentiality or integrity. The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) sets the SOC 2 standards.

Why Is SOC 2 Important?

Gentem undergoes SOC 2 audits as part of our commitment to protecting customer data. With our SOC 2 certification, Gentem has shown that we have the tools and protocols to meet the industry’s strictest privacy, confidentiality and security standards.

How Does Gentem Monitor SOC 2 Compliance?

We use Vanta for continuous SOC 2 testing and compliance.

Can I Access Gentem's SOC 2 Report?

Yes! The SOC 2 report details the protocols relevant to the security, availability and processing integrity of the systems Gentem uses to process users’ data. 

You can request a copy of our SOC 2 report by filling out this form.

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