Optimize Your Existing Revenue Cycle Process

Save time, reduce errors and enhance your current billing process with Gentem’s PM and EHR integration services. Our solution fits a growing list of platforms.
Illustration of a team working together on different software systems
Gentem DTS import

Streamline Your RCM

Don’t worry about spending time on complex setups and integrations. Gentem works with your EHR/PM to automatically pull patient details. 

Gentem integrates with several major EHR/PM platforms, including:

Wondering if we integrate with your EHR/PM? Send us an email and we’ll let you know.

Increase Your
Team’s Productivity

Stop wasting valuable time toggling between different platforms. Gentem makes life easy by integrating with your existing EHR or PM system to pull in patient and appointment information.

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Claims in the Gentem portal

Reduce Costly and
Time-Consuming Errors

Improve accuracy and avoid claim errors that hurt your revenue cycle. Our EHR integration services will extract data from your EHR to check eligibility, send statements and work claims.

Grow your business with a more effective billing process. See how Gentem streamlines your revenue cycle operations.