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The Best RCM Integration

You don’t have to take on RCM challenges alone. Thanks to a seamless integration between RXNT and Gentem, our customer success and RCM teams work with you to optimize workflows, reduce errors and make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve.

Practices that use RXNT and Gentem together see an average 20% increase in revenue and 30% reduction in admin costs.

Why should you add Gentem to your RXNT EHR?

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Why Providers Trust Gentem

20 percent increase in revenue

Boost Revenue by 20%

Gentem’s modern, AI-powered workflows increase revenue by an average of 20% while reducing admin costs by an average of 30%. 

Grow Your Business

Customize RCM and billing processes that fuel your practice’s growth. Gentem provides RCM expertise and partners with you to create workflows, analytics and billing processes that fit your practice’s needs.

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Get Paid What You Deserve

The Gentem-RXNT partnership gives you a clear snapshot of your claim filing workflow and helps you find opportunities to grow revenue.

Improve Patient Payments

With a Gentem-RXNT integration, you’ll get accurate, detailed insurance eligibility for your patients, helping you avoid costly claim issues from the beginning. 

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