For Health Tech Companies and EHRs

Automated Patient Pay Solutions That Convert

Gentem’s automated healthcare payments help you increase conversions by automating and customizing your patient billing process.
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We specialize in automated patient billing solutions that will help your platform save costs, increase payments and reduce your team’s workload.

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Improve Cash Flow
and Conversions

Our automated healthcare payments help your organization establish high-volume outreach and reminders that increase payment conversions.

Reach More Patients

With Gentem’s customizable patient pay solution, you can generate compliant, detailed e-statements that reach patients on their preferred channels. Send statements and reminders via text, email or paper.

Reduce Workload for
Your Team

Gentem’s automated healthcare payments help EHRs and digital health companies streamline the payment process and reduce administrative tasks.

Who We Serve with Automated Healthcare Payments

Health Tech Companies

EHRs & PMs

Billing Companies & MSOs

Keep up with market demands

What Can Automated Healthcare Payments Do for Your Business?

  • Increase payment conversions
  • Streamline payment processing
  • Establish omni-channel invoice distribution
  • Automate patient pay reminders
  • Create compliant, detailed e-statements
  • Reduce workload and time spent tracking down payments
  • Build high-volume patient payment outreach

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