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Gentem helps private medical practices simplify, accelerate, and increase reimbursements so providers don't have to worry about revenue and can focus on patients.

We'll immediately help you:

  • Identify lost revenue with specialty-specific data
  • Discover preventable denials that are draining cash​
  • Provide tips that will dramatically improve billing and coding
  • Benchmark your practice's performance
  • Save you hours of work each week​
"Gentem not only gave us predictable revenue and faster, but we actually have collected more on claims than we ever have!"
Office Manager

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Gentem helped to identify where money was being left on the table. We’ve seen a 15+% increase in revenue in less than 30-days, and have gained more transparency into our billing than we’ve ever had
Spinal Neurosurgery Practice Owner in Ohio

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Complete Transparency

All your medical billing and claims data is in one place so that you always know what's going on.

Uncover New Opportunities

Our revenue cycle analytics and insights platform identifies problem areas and gaps that can reduce revenue leakage by showing you where money is left on the table

Getting Setup is Easy

We do not disrupt your existing workflow and integrate with the largest EMR providers.

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