Meet the Team: Debbie Love, Revenue Cycle Manager

Omar M. Khateeb

Omar M. Khateeb

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At the heart of Gentem’s work are Revenue Cycle Managers, who use their deep expertise to support our products and our customers. Debbie Love brings three decades of expertise in revenue cycle management. At Gentem, she is drawing on her experience to help medical practices capture the revenue they deserve.

For decades, Debbie Love has been helping medical practices thrive, thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for details. Her eye is so good, in fact, that Love once caught an embezzler on the first day of her new job.

As Love was reviewing expenses at a new practice, she noticed that basic medical supplies were consistently much more expensive than she’d ever seen. Curious, she pulled a check that should have been for supplies. Instead, it was made out to an employee.

“I noticed it was stamped with a signature stamp from the physician,” Love says. “When I got into it, it was over the top.” Love found a pattern so egregious she wondered if it might be money laundering. The next day, all the checks were gone. Thankfully, Love had kept the first check she pulled. She uncovered a $250,000 embezzlement scheme and alerted the physicians. 

Catching embezzlers is a flashy way to increase revenue, but Love’s real super power is her big-picture approach to finances. Over a three decade career, Love has managed both medical practices and surgical centers. She brings a deep understanding of the entire revenue cycle and an eye for spotting trends.

It’s not enough, she says, to make sure that claims are paid. It’s also important to help practices make strategic revenue choices. “That’s where that entrepreneurial mindset comes in,” she insists. She’s motivated by helping practices build their financial stability.

In one surgery center Love joined, the team was excited about a recent equipment purchase. With in-network insurance, it had great profit margins. Out of network, though, reimbursement rates covered only about a third of the cost. 

As it turned out, the surgery center had a lot of out-of-pocket patients. The exciting new revenue opportunity was actually costing the practice money. Love spotted the losses. She created a strategy for referring out-of-network patients to providers who could take their insurance. Later, she helped other practices in the same network develop similar strategies.

As a Revenue Cycle Manager at Gentem, Love leverages her strategic eye to inform product development.

She’s also coaching practices on capturing more revenue. Love works closely with a number of customer practices, helping each customer make the most of what Gentem offers.

For one practice in particular, she’s coaching their practice manager on better capturing outstanding AR using Gentem’s tools. For a different customer using new RCM software, she started with in-depth software training for both the practice and the Gentem team.

“That’s a big plus that Gentem brings,” Love says. “We want to be an extension of the practice. Let’s do this together!”

In an increasingly challenging financial environment, Gentem’s mission is to help practices stay independent. Skilled practitioners like Love bring a wealth of expertise. Her knowledge, combined with cutting edge data science, is capturing revenue and uncovering new opportunities for Gentem customers.

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