Case Study – Obinna Nwobi MD

Veiled data was creating uncertainty around the growth roadmap

When Dr. Nwobi learned his vein clinic’s claims had an average of 50 days in A/R, he knew he needed to find an alternative that would give him full access to his revenue cycle data. Veiled data from outsourced billing companies often stunts the growth of private practices, and it was true for Dr. Nwobi too.

He made it a priority to have full data transparency going forward so he could know where his revenue cycle needed to improve. That’s when he made the switch to Gentem.

Within a few months, his average days in A/R dropped from 50 down to 26 days — nearly a 50% increase. In that time, his net collection rate rose to nearly 90%. And because of Gentem’s revenue dashboard, Dr. Nwobi was seeing these changes happen in real time.

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This dashboard has really given us transparency to see exactly what's going on.

- Obinna Nwobi MD

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in A/R Days



Clean Claims Rate

Coding errors for A/R over 60 days were cutting into cashflow

After looking at his past reimbursements, the Gentem team used AI through their reimbursement platform to discover consistent coding errors for A/R older than 60 days. By examining the reimbursement codes across an anonymized customer database, Gentem can spot coding errors and recent changes for codes that require reworks and resubmits.

For Dr. Nwobi, that meant his team was able to avoid revenue traps that insurance companies were capitalizing on. “This relieved the pressure of waiting for insurance companies to pay.” Minimizing days in A/R allowed Dr. Nwobi to scale his practice in 2020, despite facing the pandemic.

Gentem Advance reduced debt risk and scaled the practice

Like everyone else, Dr. Nwobi wanted to scale his practice and increase his revenue potential by adding a new location. That often means dragging through a painful bank loan process or being liable for risky lines of credit. During 2020, that risk would’ve capsized his practice.

Rather than taking on those liabilities, he used Gentem Advance to front 85% of his A/R. The result? “Since we began using Gentem in 2020, we’ve scaled from one location to three locations within 12 months.”

To add the cherry on top — by advancing 85% of existing A/R, Gentem gave themselves even greater incentive to collect every possible dollar. No other reimbursement solution puts their money where their mouth is.

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