Webinar: How to Stop Losing Money ​​​​​​​to Poor Billing Practices

To achieve sustainable growth in your practice, you need to be able to invest in areas like staffing, marketing, technology, etc.

But knowing what to spend on each area is nearly impossible if you don’t know how much money is coming in or falling through the cracks!

Omar Khateeb with Gentem Health joins the Growth-Driven Practice Series to share the 5 Must-Know Metrics To Build A Thriving Medical Practice and how you can simplify and improve your revenue cycle.

Key Learning Objectives:


Omar M. Khateeb

After leaving medical school to pursue a career in tech, Omar has spent the past decade in healthcare technology ranging from surgical robotics and predictive health to practice management and software. He has advised hundreds of private medical practices on patient marketing as well as in the adoption of new, cutting edge technologies. He currently serves as Head of Growth at Gentem Health.