Webinar: RCM Tips
for Independent Physician Practices

Many physicians today are leaving their independent practices for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare corporations. But staying independent is possible with a healthy revenue cycle. 

In this 20-minute webinar, revenue cycle management (RCM) expert Jenn Vaughn provides advice on how practice owners can optimize their RCM to run a successful private practice.

What you'll learn in this 20-minute session:

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Jenn Vaughn

Jenn has more than 18 years of experience in medical billing and RCM. As Gentem’s in-house RCM expert, she helps our clients optimize their billing processes to maximize collections and grow revenue. 

RCM, medical billing and collections is Jenn’s passion. She’s hyper-focused on the RCM process for independent physician billing, so physicians can spend time on what matters most: patient care. 

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