Webinar Replay: Financial Foundations For Private Practice Owners


Justin Harvey

Hi, I’m Justin!  My wife is an anesthesiologist in our home city of Portland, OR, and I’m a fiduciary financial advisor at APM Wealth with a specific expertise in working with physicians in anesthesiology and pain management.  
From an early age, my dad taught me the importance of saving (and giving).  My mom taught me how to believe in myself and the impact I can have through the work I do.  I’ve taken the lessons from these seeds planted in childhood to help physicians gain control of their practices, their finances, and their futures.  
Physicians in anesthesiology and pain management have their own unique set of hurdles, as I’ve seen up-close and personal. Understanding these hurdles has proven to be invaluable as I build and implement financial plans for my clients.
It’s possible that you’ve come across some of my other work with my podcast, Anesthesia & Pain Management Success, or my online course for  pain practice launchers, The Practice Accelerator.  I’ve also been published in resources like the ASA Monitor, The Clinical Teacher, Kiplinger, and The Huffington Post, to name a few.  
My ongoing mission is to help my clients and friends in the anesthesia and pain world to make better decisions, radically reduce stress, and live more aligned lives because of my team’s work.