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Webinar: How to Build a Million-Dollar Therapy Practice without a Million Headaches

Key Learning Objectives:

Are you a mental health therapist with dreams of building a wildly successful private practice? How do you it? Where do you start?

All this and more will be shared by Tracie Penunurie, LCSW and CEO of Mountain View Family Therapy, a private practice therapy clinic that grew to over 17 specialized therapists which now offers services in multiple areas to the community at large in Utah.

Join this webinar to hear directly from a therapist who built a million dollar practice and what tips she has for you.


Tracie Peñúñuri, LCSW

Tracie is the owner of Mountain View Family Therapy. She is an entrepreneur at heart who enjoys being able to join her love of innovation with her passion for helping others.  
You can visit her practice’s website at