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How to Get More Patient Appointments Through Your Practice Blog

Like everyone, your medical practice has a blog with a few articles. But how do you actually drive more patient appointments and revenue through your existing blog?

SEO Expert Vlad Mkrtumyan, founder of Logic Inbound, will show how they've helped countless private medical practices book more patient appointments and drive revenue through these simple and easy to implement seo and blog tactics.

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Key Learning Objectives:


Vlad Mkrtumyan

Vlad Mkrtumyan, is the Founder and CEO of Logic Inbound, a digital marketing agency based in Seattle. He has been featured on,,, as well as the Blind Entrepreneur Podcast, The Business Marketing Engine Podcast, and many others.

Vlad has an inspirational tech startup story that began at age of 19 with his first startup, Shoplletes which achieved 300k downloads on the android app store with 30 thousand monthly active users. He then graduated with a Bachelor’s of Psychology at the age of 20. At only 21, he started Skyreal, a real estate software company, which grew to 13 brokerages in 3 states.

Today, he is the CEO of Logic Inbound, a 25 person Search Engine Optimization company. However, he also runs 5 different meetups ranging from Cryptocurrency to Web development and spend his free time doing what he loves, connecting people.