The Most Expensive Diagnosis Coding Errors & How to Fix Them
Great medical coding is a major factor on how much your medical practice is reimbursed. One hurdle is avoiding expensive coding errors and fixing them if they exist.

Gentem Health is exciting to have medical coding influencer Victoria Moll, founder of Contempo Coding, as our next Private Practice Growth speaker. Her presentation will follow with a live audience Q&A.

Key Learning Objectives:


Victoria Moll

Victoria is passionate about providing engaging and cost-effective education. She has multi-specialty experience in professional coding, auditing, and risk adjustment coding.

Victoria has published numerous articles on coding and billing best practices and has spoken at several local, regional, and national events, including HEALTHCON, the national business of healthcare expo.

She has been featured on the Alpha Coding Podcast the Not Elsewhere Classified Podcast and has her own dynamic YouTube Channel filled with free coding tips and tricks. Victoria serves on the AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors for years 2021-2023 and is on the Editorial Board for BC Advantage Magazine.

She is also known for her constant enthusiasm and humor in all that she does, which she injects into her dynamic medical coding YouTube Channel¬†“Contempo Coding”¬†