OB/GYN Billing and Coding Cheat Sheet

Keeping track of OB/GYN CPT codes and billing best practices is far from easy. And it gets more complex every year.

Our in-house OB/GYN coding experts have put together this cheat sheet with essential best practices. With this guide, you’ll get:

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Increased revenue from higher collections

Gentem's AI-powered technology and team of revenue cycle experts make sure you get paid top-dollar for every claim; Gentem helps increase revenue by an average of 20%.

More productivity without extra staff

Gentem uses AI and machine learning to automate workflows and reduce costly claim errors. You'll spend less time on billing and more time on patient care and growth.

Full transparency into financial metrics

Gentem provides a detailed analytics dashboard that you can customize with the metrics that matter most to growing your practice. Plus, you can set up automated alerts to notify you when performance dips.

Stronger relationships with patients

Gentem gives you the ability to fully customize patient estimates, statements and invoices. You can personalize the patient billing experience, which bolsters your brand, improves patient experience and increases patient collections.

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