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Stop wasting time on an outdated and inefficient billing process. Gentem helps optimize your revenue cycle and modernize the billing experience, so you can grow your oncology practice and help more patients.
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Medical billing in the United States is at least 10 years overdue for a transformative change. We believe Gentem is the organization that will modernize medical billing in this country.

Ken Winters
Practice Manager, Bay Area Gynecology Oncology

Tech-Enabled Medical RCM Solutions for Oncology

With Gentem, no claim slips through the cracks. Leveraging proprietary AI software and our team’s expertise, Gentem provides oncology practices with consistent revenue cycle management, real-time eligibility, patient estimates, advanced analytics and automated workflows.

Efficient Revenue Cycles for Oncology Practices

Take charge of your revenue cycle. We help oncologists reduce medical billing costs while increasing revenue by an average of 20% — all without compromising the quality of care. Want to see what Gentem can do for your practice? Book a free billing assessment today.

Oncology RCM

Advanced oncology procedures? No problem. Our AI-driven technology works with a growing list of EHR/PM systems to ensure all claims are billed correctly — regardless of payer or type of treatment.

Essential CPT Codes for Oncology Clinics

  • 3390F: Diagnostic/screening processes or results
  • 70010-76499: Diagnostic radiology (imaging) procedures
  • 0564T-0568T: Chemo drug essay, implant and other procedures
  • 77261-77799: Radiation oncology treatments
  • 79005-79999: Therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures

Who We Serve

Providers & Group Practices

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Billing Companies & MSOs

EHRs & Healthcare Technology

Case Study

GynOnc Practice Sees Highest Gross Collections After Switching to Gentem for RCM

Bay Area Gynecology Oncology (BAGO) had been using the same billing service for 15 years. The disorganized, manual workflows meant BAGO didn’t consistently bill or follow up on certain services. See how Gentem helped BAGO realize its highest gross collections month in its 23-year history, and enabled the practice to hire another physician and its first physician’s assistant.

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Learn How to Grow Your Oncology Clinic

What Can Gentem Do For Your Oncology Practice?

  • Find and plug revenue leaks
  • Save time and reduce your staff's administrative burden
  • Automate your insurance and billing workflows
  • Leverage real-time performance analytics
  • Manage your medical coding services
  • Minimize claim denials and appeals

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